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3 miniclone.JPG
3 miniclone.JPG
|unnamed jutsu=Yes
|unnamed jutsu=Yes
|jutsu classification=Tailed Beast Skill, Clone Techniques,
|related jutsu=Ten-Tails Mini Clone
|jutsu classification=Tailed Beast Skill, Clone Techniques
|debut anime=107
|debut anime=107

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Three-Tails Mini Clone
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #107
Appears in Anime
Classification Tailed Beast Skill, Clone Techniques
Other jutsu
Related jutsu
Ten-Tails Mini Clone

When the Three-Tails devours anything, its body produces thousands of smaller clones of itself with its gut. These antibody-like clones attack and devour the invading organism, presumably to aid in digestion and destroy any potential hazards.

The Three-Tails has the ability to create different sizes of its mini clones: From the size of a hand to the size of a human being; and they are resilient enough to resist Guren's crystal techniques and kunai.[1]


  1. Naruto: Shippūden episode 108

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