• wouldnt it be cool to be coated in lava cloak with lightning cloak or two tails tail?

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    • Yeah but then again it would make them really powerful

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    • No its not. I mean what would that create? A pseudo Kekkei touta?

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    • Actually, it would create just that, a Pseudo Kekkei Tota Chakra cloak.

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    • Namikazenaruto9 wrote: No its not. I mean what would that create? A pseudo Kekkei touta?

      No. Combination elements aren't kekkei genkai or tota. They show no synthesis, IE abilities beyond the combined elements, only synergy.

      Water and Lightning doesn't create Storm Release, it just creates electrified water. Lava + Lightning is unlikely to do anything, as lava would conduct lightning poorly. Fire+lightning would almost certainly work well, but again wouldn't be more than electrified fire.

      Dust Release turns anything it touches to dust, but there's no reason to believe that a combination jutsu of fire+Earth+Wind would create anything but hot (fire+ wind) dust/sand (Earth + wind) and burnt material (Fire+Earth). Essentially, it would probably be a blow of ash. It wouldn't disintegrate anything.

      Then there's the fact that elements would weaken each other. E.g. Fire + Wind = stronger fire, Fire+water = doused fire. So Wind+Fire+Water would, to the best of our ability, create just fire. It wouldn't create a Kekkei Tota.(pseudo or otherwise)

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    • @Killman
      I don't follow you. What is this talk about Fire + Water = doused fire? Isn't that vapor style?
      I think so you are confusing Kekkei Tota. Kekkei Tota means joining three elements in conjunction. Dust release is a type of Kekkei Tota. And the synergy between the elements shouldn't matter. If synergy really were important we wouldn't have truth seeker orbs or Boil release etc.
      EDIT: I called second one Lava + Two tails kkg a pseudo Kekkei Touta not the first one. Of course first one lightning+Lava shouldn't create pseudo kekkei touta. Since according to Gaara Hiden 2 kekkei Genkai combine to form pseudo Kekkei tota.

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    • Tenseigan-enhanced SPSM Kurama Mode Majestic-Attire Lightning-Lava Chakra Mode

      oh god

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    • Namikazenaruto9 wrote: @Killman
      I don't follow you.

      Combining 2 elements in a collaboration ninjutsu doesn't create a pseudo KKG. Combining 3 in a collaboration ninjutsu doesn't create a pseudo KKT.

      Elemental collaborations simply combine the elements in a quite literal form. Water + Lightning = Electrified water. Wind + Fire is hotter fire. But Fire + Water is a doused fire. Not every combination works. This was explained by Yamato.

      KKG take the aspects of elements and combine them into new elements. Lava is more than just some earth and fire (since it also allows volcanized rubber for instance). It uses the Fire (chemical energy) to alter the properties of the Earth.

      KKT go one step beyond and combine Fire and Wind (chemical energy and gas-state) and Earth (solid material) to reverse this, IE using chemical energy to turn solid material back into a gas ("Dust Release"). it's not just hot sand (or whatever exact collaboration happens).

      A TSB is a combination of five elements, using properties from each. Malleable like water, solid like earth, floating like air, impermeable like lightning (ie Raikage shields), and contain a lot of energy like fire (Obito blows one up). In a KKG, KKT or KKM, normal elemental arrangements don't matter, IE it's perfect possible to combine water and fire even though a collaboration between them would just weaken the fire.

      How KKG react to elements is difficult to tell, but it seems that some combinations weaken the element relations (Water > Fire and Earth is neutral to Fire but Fire > Wood) while others strengthen it (Water > fire and fire > wind but Ice >Fire).

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    • So are you saying Yea it would be possible but its not named a psuedo kkg or tota?

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    • if I may say, each cloak is used using ones own unique chakra type and signature. for one, sm is already that, but on the inside, so fusing bm with lighting mode isn't too hard. ps wanst Naruto sp cloak a fusion between the chakra of all the bijuu? and if it isn't, he still used vapor enhanced strength while in that mode anyways.

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    • omg lorenzo you're right!! I forgot about the vapor and enhanced strength while he was in sosp mode

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    • Kingomanoki wrote: So are you saying Yea it would be possible but its not named a psuedo kkg or tota?

      It would work under certain conditions, but it wouldn't be a KKG, just a sort of collaboration jutsu.

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    • so your saying mostly all of naruto with all the kekkai genkai don't exsit

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    • Redhyuga wrote: so your saying mostly all of naruto with all the kekkai genkai don't exsit

      Not sure what you mean by this. Naruto never used these KKG in a combined fashion. He used his regular chakra outfit with Boil Release, but he didn't summon a Kurama Avatar with Boil Release. Or used Boil Release chakra mode with a Lava chakra mode.

      Besides, regular chakra logic would still apply. If Naruto nature-transformed some chakra, then he can't transform that into a different chakra without losing the first transform. IE if he made a Lava Release Kurama avatar, he couldn't use the same chakra to make an Ice Release Avatar. He'd need to use, say, half his chakra on the Lava part and half of it on the Ice part. But those would likely not be compatible, so it's likely a waste of chakra.

      It would also open him up to elemental weaknesses. A Lava Release avatar would be weak to whatever Lava release is weak to (Ice, probably).

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    • well if you wanted half lava and half ice all he would need is to have same chakra ratios

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