• Sorry, I wanted to post it there, but it had gone unedited for over 185 days so, archived :p

    Basically, in this discussion right here QuakeStar is basically trying to gather facts and stats to have people get a better idea of how strong Hiruzen is on the Hokage scale. In the discussion, Gmanis41 points out that no proof had been given that Hiruzen > Tobirama.

    I just wanted to point out that, no matter the translation, during Danzo's flashback, Hiruzen offers to sacrifice himself as the decoy on the basis that he's the strongest amongst the people present. That's including Tobirama. And he's, what, in his 20s? Point is, until Tobirama intervenes, Hiruzen staying behind is presented as the most logical option, cuz the strongest one covers for the weakest's escape (like with the Third Raikage's death). So apparently, like the prodigy they say he was, he had already surpassed Tobirama by the time he was in his 20's (which isn't too surprising if you think about how Naruto had surpassed a Kage-level Kakashi by the time he was 16-17).

    Just something I wanted to add to that conversation, you can check it here if you want, I thought it was interesting to read, then it went on to become a "Tsunade is unappreciated topic".

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