• Ok, so when Asuma decapitated Hidan, I was like "noooo cut his head open, remove his brain, squish it, and it's done. no more hidan."

    How accurate was that assumption?

    If Hidan gets a kunai through the head, does he keep speaking, or does he just go in a coma? Cuz he'd obviously still be alive but im not sure.... how?

    Kinda gore-y, i know, im just wondering.

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    • Okay first of all - stabbing him in the brain and squishing his brain are two different things. I'd wager Hidan can recover from having his brain stabbed though his IQ would momentarily plummet, but if someone squishes it in the same manner one can sledgehammer a watermelon - I doubt it. He hasn't been shown regenerating missing organs.

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