• Kakashi should be given a new Sharingan. it seems like a waist to allow a shinobi like Kakashi to be nerfed so much. in my opinion for the sake of stability, they should ask some of the shin clones to offer up a sharingan or 2 to kakashi. and since the shin clones have a zero rejection rate, they could transplant kakashi's eyes into one the shin clone who gives up a sharingan. that way the clone isn't blinded

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    • or they could take it from the dead, real shin, but that will never happen. is it a good idea? yes. would kakashi or any other character think of it as a good idea, and bring it up? no.

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    • Three reasons why that shouldn't happen:

      1) It's morally corrupt. The Shin clones are sentient beings and we were supposed to hate Papa Shin for abusing them.

      2) Kakashi's sharingan was a keepsake from his friend whom he thought was deceased. It held quite a lot of emotional value. Kakashi's not the type of guy to harvest a Sharingan just because it would improve his battle stats.

      3) Kakashi's not nerfed. Without the Sharingan, he now has more chakra in his disposition and he's already learned how to compensate for not being able to use Chidori/Raikiri with the whole Purple Lightning jutsu. It's for the better - Kakashi's Mangekyou would have gone blind eventually.

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    • As for me, I once thought about something else. After experiencing the dual (Mangekyo) Sharingan with its full capacity, I wonder if Kakashi could adjust his body with the eyes' nature and adapt to it. I mean, he was like years experiencing it which normally one's body could adapt with. Proofs that he could use MS to its full power although burdening his body. Maybe, just maybe, with some helps from Orochimaru, Kakashi might reawaken his Sharingan without taking Shin's clone eyeballs.

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    • We never found out of Six Paths Chakra, once given, stays given. IE it's possible that Kakashi is more powerful than his MS self due to this.

      But mostly, we haven't seen Kakashi in action since, so how much of Obito's power he retained remains to be seen.

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