• As we all know Naruto shippuden has come to a close. As I was going through some of the previous fights(particularly in part-1) Their was this episode which talked about the best fights in the series upto that point. So I decided we could all talk about the best fight we all saw in Shippuden and why? And Based on the response we could have vote out(later on in a different thread) for all the fights to determine the favorite. I will add fights as you guys mention them in comments...

    Best Naruto shippuden fight

    The Final Battle: Naruto Vs Sasuke(Valley Of The End)
    Jiraiya The Gallant: Jiraiya Vs Pain
    Fated Battle Between the Brothers: Itachi Vs Sasuke
    Creation of Valley of the End: Hashirama Vs Madara
    Fight for the Shinobi History: Kaguya Vs Team-7
    Battle Across Space And Time: Kakashi Vs Obito
    Attack of the Nine tailed Fox on the Village Hidden in the Leaf: Minato VS Tobi
    Madara Rapes the Allied Shinobi Force: Madara Vs 4th company
    Madara toys with Go-kage:5 kages Vs Madara Uchiha
    Five Kage summit ambushed: Sasuke Vs Kages
    Sasuke's revenge: Sasuke Vs Danzo
    Chiyo and Sakura Vs Sasori
    Orochimaru Vs Cursed Seal Sasuke
    Kazekage stands tall: Deidara Vs Gaara(as Shukaku's Jinchuriki)
    Team-10 and Team-7 Vs The Immortal Duos(Kakuzu and Hidan)
    Naruto Vs The Nine-Tails
    The Alliance Vs Ten-Tails, Madara and Obito
    TTJ Obito VS Alliance
    Madara Vs the Nine Tailed Beasts
    Full Power of Youth: TTJ Madara VS Might Guy
    Setting the Stage for Sanin Ascension: Hanzo Vs the Sanin
    Konan's Last Stand: Obito Vs Konan
    Kabuto Vs the Reunited Brothers(itachi and Sasuke)
    Rematch: Hashirama Vs Madara
    The Rapping Killer B: Killer B Vs Taka
    Power of A-B combo: Killer B Vs Kisame
    Kisame's Escape: Kisame VS Might Guy, Aoba
    The Ultimate Art: Deidara Vs Sasuke

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