• 1. Did Orochimaru leave The Hidden Leaf Village after Naruto was born?

    2. Orocimaru was the reason blue Bee died, he was the reason Gyūki(The 8 tails) attacked the Hidden Cloud village and sealed into Killer Bee about 25 years before Naruto was born. Why didn't anyone suspect that Orochimaru was the reason for the 9 tails attack, and it can make sense, they chose Minato to become Hokage instead of him, but everyone knew it was an Uchiha.

    3. Why does Orochimaru(snake) and Kisame(shark) look like the animals they summon since they where young children?

    4. Why didn't Misashi Kishimoto make Orochimaru the main villain in Naruto Shippuden? Orochimaru was the main villain in Part 1 but in Shippuden it was Pain(Nagato), Obito, Madara, Kaguya and Black Zetsu, Orochimaru just featured as a villain becoming a hero.

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