• Kabuto and Orochimaru cannot use Reanimation, Sasuke before his fight with Deidara (He keeps both wings). Orochimaru before his fight with Hiruzen, Kimmimaro is not sick.

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    • Team 2
      Here's how I see it playing out:
      Sasuke and Orochimaru deal with Kabuto, who even in sage mode can't handle them both, and Jugo and Kimimaro slaughter Sound 4. It was even said that Kimimaro could destroy all 4 of them, but Jugo is just extra spice. Later, the two help Sasuke and Orochi in killing Kabuto.

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    • Kabuto in Sage Mode has a technique to immobilise everyone, Itachi and Sasuke only got out of it thanks to their Susanoo, which Sasuke in Curse Mark Transformation doesn't have. Also, Kabuto in Sage Mode has the power of the Sound Four, Kimimaro, and Orochimaru. I'm betting on Team 1.

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