• It all starts with the first of these teams being the Legendary Sannin. Their Sensei, Hiruzen Sarutobi, would be the Third Hokage. You have Jiraiya who starts off as a clumsy, idiotic, and weak shinobi, who gains his own strength, and tries to save his friend from evil. Orochimaru, the genius, the ninjutsu specialist, turns away from his team and becomes evil. Tsunade, the kunoichi, medic/healer, Love interest for Jiraiya (Idiotic character). Then comes Team Minato. Their Sensei, Minato Namikaze, would be the Fourth Hokage. You have Obito who is now the idiotic shinobi. He gains strength to be better friends with Kakashi. Kakashi, the respective genius, and ninjutsu specialist, is almost always stronger than Obito. Their roles would be swapped in the end. Rin, medic kunoichi, Obito's love interest. Instead of the genius turning evil, the Idiotic hero becomes evl, while Kakashi will soon try to bring him away from evil. Finally, Team 7. Their Sensei, Kakashi Hatake, will be the Sixth Hokage. Naruto being the most famous for the idiotic role. Sasuke being the ninjutsu specialist, turns to evil for power against his older brother. Sakura, medic kunoichi, Naruto's Crush, likes Sasuke more. Obviously these all have their Sensei's being Hokages respectively, Having the Idiotic Hero, The One Who is a Ninjutsu Genius, One of their team will become Evil, and one Kunoichi to be a love interest for the idiotic hero of the team. And In the end of the Naruto Series, The Evil one will turn to good, Obito fights along side team 7 in the end, Sasuke and Orochimaru no longer seek out destruction of Konoha, only it's safety. So what are your opinions on these crazy similarities, it made me think for a while being so very convenient.

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    • ^I believe that was the point? In cover of chapter 4, way before introduction of Sannin, shows Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura with toad, snake and slug respectively.

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