• So, let's say that

    Kimimaro: with perfect health, but no Edo Tensei body

    A: the strongest version we know (with both arms, of course)

    Who you'd see as a winner in the clash between these two?

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    • The Fourth Raikage outclasses Kimimaro in speed. Kimimaro may be able to harden his bones but the Fourth Raikage is physically strong enough to shatter part of Sasuke's Susanoo ribcage (albeit undeveloped Susanoo but Susanoo's defense still holds) so I'm sure he'd break Kimimaro's bones just as easily. Kimimaro has a couple of mid to long range attacks like the bone bullet and bone rising spikes (don't know the names exactly but you get the gist) to help him so he won't have to fight him up close but none of his attacks are going to harm him so I just the Fourth breakjng past or taking his attacks with relative ease and ultimately breaking Kimimaro.

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    • ^^^^What he said

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