• Ok so I have been wondering about this for a while now but why are there only a few types of animals being categorized? Throughout much of the naruto series there have been a number of animal summons that actually have categorized pages ex:hawks, toads, ninja hounds, bats, spiders, etc...... ..Some animal species that are used as summons or are associated with shinobi are categorized as a particular species ex: tonton obviously pig but there is no page for those types of groups. Now I not saying to add new pages for animals that live on the island turtle, rather shouldn't we create a new page for particular summons used in battle or those associated with ninja. Various species of animals have abilities that help to aid ninja in battle.

    Here are the animal pages that I believe should be created -Chameleons (as they have abilities used in fights and Shima one of the toads mentions their abilities while aiding Jiraiya against Pain)

    -Sharks (although categorized it does not have an official page on the wikia)

    -owls (birds of prey)

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    • You make a good point Chameleons are used in battle two have been seen so far one in part 1 and part 2. Part 1 was in the filler arc with the castle and then Pains summon. They do seem to have long tongues to grab prey as seen in Utakata's flashback and can blend in with surroundings. I wonder why they are not listed?

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