• Are Shinobi and Ninja really one and the same?

    I know that when translated to english shinobi is ninja but since shinobi means endure did Kishimoto really intend for the Shinobi in the world of Naruto to be 'ninjas'

    Similar to dragon ball using martial arts for combat was the basis to the abilities but how often is martial arts actually relevant in dragon ball z or gt since apparently buus wild rampages still caused martial artists like Goku to have trouble

    And by definition the only ones in the series that are close to being real 'ninjas' are the Anbu black ops since they fill the role of a spy who only kills when they have to the best

    So are shinobi just an exaggerated form of ninja used for anime/manga purposes, or is it perhaps a more advanced version of ninjas since according to sources the academy jutsu were basically all the 'ninjas' needed to do their job

    Or in my opinion are they the future of ninja since I noticed that Hashirama and Madara's time seemed more traditional to 'ninjas' compared to lets say Minato's and Kakashi's time and they seem more traditional to 'ninjas' compared to the current time with Naruto and Sasuke, even the tools they use are called NINJA tools not shinobi tools or just tools

    What do you think?

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    • The difference between shinobi and ninja, as I understand it, is kinda like the difference between the national guard and the military. Shinobi are like war ninja. Standard ninja are not sent out to fight in other countries, but are used in their country of origin for the most part. At least that's my sense of it.

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    • The two words are almost completely interchangeable, one is a kun'yomi pronunciation, the other is an on'yomi pronunciation. Both are derived from 忍びの者 (shinobi no mono, "one who endures") which can be shortned to either 忍び (shinobi) or 忍者 (ninja); 忍 can be pronounced either shino (kun'yomi) or nin (on'yomi) and 者 can be pronounced either mono (kun'yomi) or ja (on'yomi).

      The only real difference is that shinobi was used historically, while ninja is a more modern colloquialism that caught on thanks to pop culture.

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    • I was about to explain that, but well, two minutes too late.

      What Suzakun said is true, I've nothing to add this time.

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    • Truth be told I thought both names are one and the same it's just their proper name is shinobi not ninja.

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    • The English dubs and translations tend to make a big distinction, not in definition but connotation. It's like ninja is simply one's work/job/title, and shinobi is one's way of life. I'm curious if the same connotative interpretations are as strong in Japanese for these pronunciations. (??)

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    • I don't think so, no.

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