• I would also like to know your current thoughts on the Return of Madara Arc. What do you think of the arc so far? Is it your favorite of the three War arcs? What has been the highlight for you so far? What is your rank of the chapters so far? As for me-

    I. I love this Arc with a passion so far! I think it is quickly becoming one of the best arcs of the entire series! It may even already be in my top 5 arcs of all time when it ends- especially with the final battle of Naruto and Sasuke vs. Madara coming up. It's gonna be epic! What do you think of this?

    II. It is absolutely my favorite of the three War arcs! What about you?

    III. There have been a few highlights so far:

    1. Sasuke's battling Madara with his sword at the beginning! The anime better make it look good!

    2. Naruto and Sasuke's near-death experiences.

    3. Guy opens the Eighth Gate and wrecks Madara!

    4. Naruto and Sasuke meet Hagoromo (SO6P)

    5. Naruto gets the Senjutsu of the Six Paths and Sasuke gets the Rinnegan!!

    IV. Of the 16 chapters, my list is-

    1. 671: Naruto and the Sage of the Six Paths

    2. 673: With Us

    3. 662: The True End

    4. 669: The Eight Inner Gates Formation

    5. 657: Madara Uchiha is Back

    6. 661: A Failed World

    7. 667: An End to Youthful Days

    8. 670: The One Who Began It All

    9. 666: The Two Mangekyo

    10. 663: No Matter What

    11. 658: The Tailed Beasts vs. Madara

    12. 660: The Hidden Heart

    13. 659: Rinbo: Hengoku

    14. 664: Because I'm His Father

    15. 668: The Beginning of the Red Stream

    16. 665: The Current Me Is

    So that is all of my thoughts on the Return of Madara Arc so far... What are yours? Let me know!

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    • Return of Madara Arc is awesome! I try not to miss any chapter as much as possible. This arc is one of my favorites with Shinobi World War Arc as my top list! I agree that Naruto and Sasuke's near-death experiences are one of the best scenes in this arc, especially since it's worth it in the end when they were given chakra by Hagoromo. :D


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    • I love the arc. I thought the arc would get lost in the shuffle of the world war arc considering a lot has gone on. Madara is as good as advertised and hopefully we get a good battle to conclude the arc.

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