• Hey guys I have been wondering how do you change jutu's for character like for example say Neji

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    • Add Neji to the jutsu's article and the jutsu will automagically appear in his infobox

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    • but sakura name is already listed under the jutsu section for Yin Seal: Release but it dose not appear under her jutsu section what do I do now

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    • It's sort of a technical glitch. When a jutsu has appeared in both manga and anime, but the user has used it in only one on those, an annotation is added next to the user's name. For some technical reason beyond my understanding, sometimes the infobox fails to collect the information when the user has a tag, most often when the user has only used the technique in the manga. This also happens, for example, with Sage Mode in Hashirama's infobox, and Flying Thunder God Technique in Tobirama's infobox. The jutsu still shows up when you see the full list of jutsu that character has when you click the jutsu link, the one that shows all jutsu from all media (manga, anime, movie, and game). For it to show up in the actual infobox again, you need to make a null edit (last option in the drop-down menu when you mouse over the blue "edit" button) in the jutsu page, and then a null edit in the character page. More often than not, just the one in the character page should suffice. When the article is recently created or recently moved to a new title, it takes a longer while for it to show up as well, for different technical reasons beyond my understanding.

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    • A Fandom user
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