What are the Powers of a Feudal Lord ?

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    I want to know that what are the powers of a Feudal Lord. and how is he Nominated. Like a Kage in Nominade by Feudal Lords Permission. then who Nominates FeudalLord. Please Tell me.

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    • Kage is more of a general-like position, while Feudal Lord rules the nation. We don't know, the position may or may not be passed on in family. Either that, or citizens vote a new feudal lord.

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    • Can a Feudal Lord Remove a Kage after he has Nominated Someone. if he finds that kage is not working properly.

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    • The decision isn't his alone, there's A whole council. But in case he isn't happy with a Kage, he may gather a meeting and discuss the topic with others. His word of course means something, but isn't ultimate.

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    • Could you please direct your question to Naruto Answers. The help desk is for assistance using the wikia, not asking general questions.

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    • Cerez365 wrote: Could you please direct your question to Naruto Answers. The help desk is for assistance using the wikia, not asking general questions.

      I moved this thread to General Discussion (any rollbacker, sysop or crat can do this).

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    • As I understand it, the Hokage is the equivalent of the top general or admiral of a military organisation who serves at the pleasure of the Daimyō and provide national security in return for certain benefits and privileges, e.g. holding lands and such. While the Daimyō ultimately decides who becomes Hokage (again, this is just from my understanding based on the manga), he refers to a comity of his top shinobi and delegates to advise him. For example, when Danzō become the Sixth Hokage Candidate, he was met with some opposition, and there was talk of Kakashi assuming the role of Hokage after Tsunade, however it was ultimately the Daimyō who gave the go-ahead.

      To sum it up, the Daimyō wields considerable power, much like a King or a President in contemporary society.

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    • Well, assuming it works the same way as traditional daimyo work, the position is most likely hereditary. A daimyo appears to be the ruler of the country, the one with executive authority

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    • Can an Admin delete this please. It shouldn't be a discussion on This wikia. How do we tag these things for deletion?

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    • If you think the thread should be deleted, just click on the More button next to the opening post and click Remove. Provide a reason (you can optionally notify all admins) and the thread will be deleted. Users who still have the url can access the deleted thread and potentially restore the thread though.

      Personally, I think the thread should just be closed, rather than deleted. You can contact an admin to close a thread.

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