• I've been looking at it, and after spending some time on other wikis, I'm wondering if we're making any sort of use of the category system? If we are that's great and I'm probably screwing up somewhere, but whenever I look at the bottom of a lot of character pages, the only category is character.

    If we're not using it however, I think it might be a good idea to start implementing policy to do so. Right now, if you try to find grouped data on characters, the best I can come up with is the lists linked into the village pages, but that only really applies to the 5 big ones and some are fennicky. However, if we started using the category system, we could easily start building information groups that are easy to track down, like all the Uchiha Clan Members, all the people from Konoha etc.

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    • That's what SMW used to be for. Still kinda works, but not for new info.

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    • SMW? I'm afraid I don't know what that means. I did find a larger category section, but it links to a lot of things, and not all of them cut in well. I mean you can find a list of villages, clans etc, but it's a long list and like I said, there's not exactly an easy way to find overlap. I was over on the Marvel Wiki, and the way they have it, while the category boxes aren't as neat, it really does make finding the data you want easier.

      I dunno, think it's maybe worth pursuing some sort of update to the category system? Or do you think I'm just being picky?

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    • Semantic Media Wiki. See all that stuff that gets listed in infoboxes? Well, for characters and jutsu for example, you can filter them down by many of those parameters. Unfortunately, due Central Wikia reasons, which you can read up in the blog entry linked in the homepage, it has worked faultily for a couple years now I think. New values are accounted for, you can see the numbers go up in the parameters you can filter with, but the info below that gets sorted is stuck in the time SMW began to hiccup.

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    • I see. Is there anything we could do to make things easier? I don't mind working on it, but I'm not very good at code and stuff, so simple and tedious would be the safest bet for anything I could do to help.

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    • Special:Browse should still work...

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    • A Fandom user
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