"Katakana" in the infobox

  • Okay, a thing that I noticed when adding Kanji to two new characters: In the infobox editor, the section for the Japanese name simply says "Katakana". That is wrong, the Japanese language consists of more: The Roman letters we are using (as correctly listed as "Romaji", even without the ō but whatever), the characters from China (called Kanji) and the Japanese Kana (Hiragana and Katakana). Only listing Katakana is as if we are told to only use consonants for the English translations. Therefore, I insist to correct it.

    Simply calling it "Japanese" wouldn't be the best choice as Rōmaji is also part of the language. Therefore, my suggestion is to call the section "Kanji & Kana". With that, everything is written down correctly.

    I don't want to appear annoying but I also ask to solve this quickly as possible because this is a wiki that pays a lot of attention to Japanese (names, Japanese Raw images of the manga, explanations of certain Kanji and their possible other meanings in character's names...) and a mistake like that is almost a bit embarrasing...

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    • It's a convenience for editors. In the same way that the parameter itself is |kanji=. Editors know that the sort of information that goes there is much broader than simply "katakana" or "kanji". Readers, meanwhile, will never see it, and so they won't be misinformed by it.

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    • Yes, but what if the readers try to become editors and are then misinformed by it? I was confused at first as I really thought all I am allowed to add there were Katakana and I had to check another infobox with Kanji and Hiragana to make sure I am doing the right thing. I really don't see how it's a convenience, it's wrong, simply put. Leaving the parameter is fine as we would have to go through the whole wiki to correct every single infobox which is way too much. But I don't think changing the editor's layout is that much of a hassle, so why not just doing it?

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    • I doubt the average editor knows the difference between Katakana and Kanji... anyhow, I'm on your side, I'd like to see it corrected, too.

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    • You are able to edit Form:Character and the like in the same way you would edit anything else.

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    • well... we have to wait and find out sooner or later about katakanji on other characters

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    • A Fandom user
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