This is the End!!

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"This is the End!!"
Chapter 012
(終わりだ!!, Owari da!!)
Chapter Info
Volume The Worst Client (#2)
Previous "Disembarking…!!"
Chapter 12
Next "I'm a Ninja!!"
Arc Land of Waves Arc
Anime Naruto #7
Kumade Toriichi
Hiding in Mist TechniqueManji FormationSilent KillingWater Clone TechniqueWater Surface Walking Practice
"This is the End!!" (終わりだ!!, Owari da!!) is chapter 12 of the original Naruto manga.


Knowing that Zabuza will be a tough opponent, Kakashi uncovers his Sharingan eye. Intending to defeat the famous "Sharingan Kakashi", Zabuza coats the area in a thick mist so that he can try and kill Tazuna without anyone noticing. As Zabuza appears within Team 7 ranks and prepares to strike Tazuna, Kakashi stops him. This Zabuza turns out to be a water clone, and another Zabuza quickly attacks Kakashi. This Kakashi is also a water clone, having used his Sharingan to copy Zabuza's jutsu.

Facts about "This is the End!!"RDF feed
ArcLand of Waves Arc +
Chapter number12 +
English nameThis is the End!! +
Kanji name終わりだ!! +
NamesThis is the End!! +, 終わりだ!! + and Owari da!! +
PictureChapter 012 +
Romaji nameOwari da!! +
Volume number2 +

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