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This is the article on the character. For the puppet, head to Third Kazekage. For other uses, see Third Kazekage (disambiguation).
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Third Kazekage Reincarnated
三代目風影 Sandaime Kazekage
Manga Volume #30, Naruto Chapter #266
Anime Naruto Shippūden Episode #457
Game Naruto Shippūden: Gekitō Ninja Taisen! EX 2
OVA Naruto Shippūden: UNSG anime cutscenes
Appears in Anime, Manga, Game
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Gender Gender Male Male
Status Deceased
Kekkei Genkai
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The Third Kazekage (三代目風影, Sandaime Kazekage, Literally meaning: Third Wind Shadow) was the leader of Sunagakure, and is hailed as the village's strongest Kazekage ever.[1][2]

Background Edit

After studying the jinchūriki of Shukaku of the time, he recreated its sand-manipulating powers by combining his own magnetic chakra and iron powder, which produced the Iron Sand technique. At some point, Sasori kidnapped and killed the Third Kazekage in order to turn him into a human puppet. According to Sasori, the effort involved in the Third's capture made it his favourite puppet. Sunagakure was not aware of what Sasori had done and searched earnestly for his whereabouts. However, with the ongoing war, the village was forced to choose a Fourth Kazekage, though they still attempted to search for him in later years. It was not until the start of the Fifth Kazekage's reign, did his fate become known.

Third Kazekage's Attire

The Third Kazekage revived by Orochimaru.

In the anime, Orochimaru, in his quest to obtain absolute mastery of all ninjutsu, managed to acquire some of the Kazekage's DNA, which he used as a source for the Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation. To test this new pawn, once aware of Sasori coming after him in the Land of Wind, along with his new partner Deidara, Orochimaru unleashed the reincarnated Kazekage to face off against his human puppet counterpart. While Kazekage's Magnet Release ultimately proved stronger than the puppet's imitation, being called a pawn by Orochimaru sparked the Kazekage's consciousness. Refusing to be a tool for anyone, he regained control of himself and forced the release of the technique, returning to the Pure Land, leaving Orochimaru to speculate that the reincarnation technique was still imperfect.[3]

Personality Edit

In the anime, after being revived by Orochimaru, the Third showed himself to be a very calm and stoic person, displaying no visible emotion. He held a grudge against Sasori for killing him, proclaiming to him that things would not go the same way in their upcoming fight. Also, he is a very proud individual, firmly stating that he is not a pawn. To which, he showed a remarkable willpower, able to regain control of himself despite Orochimaru's brainwashing and cancelled the Impure World Reincarnation Technique on him.[3]

Appearance Edit

The Third Kazekage was a tall man of fair complexion. He had short mess dark-blue hair and narrow yellow eyes. He wore the normal Kazekage attire minus the Kage hat plus a flowing ankle-length white cape.

Abilities Edit

The Third was undoubtedly a powerful shinobi. He is hailed as the strongest Kazekage in the village's history,[2] and even a very powerful shinobi like Sasori claimed that he had trouble killing him.[4] He also appeared to have possessed a high level of intelligence as he was able to comprehend the One-Tail's unique powers and produce his own version of the same, thus creating Iron Sand.[2]

Ninjutsu Edit

Nature Transformation Edit

Third Kazekage's Iron Sand

The Third using his Iron Sand.

The Third possessed the kekkei genkai Magnet Release which allowed him to convert his chakra into strong magnetic forces, enabling him to manipulate magnetic objects. Combined with his research of Shukaku's powers, he crafted his own version of "sand-manipulation", the Iron Sand, by combining his magnetic force control with iron powder; this was the main reason why he was considered the strongest Kazekage there was. His magnetic control also granted him immunity from all metallic weapons, as well as the ability to nullify opposing puppets by clogging their joints with sand. With this "sand", he could make weapons to fit various occasions, thereby making this a very versatile technique, which Chiyo considered to be the "most feared weapon in the history of Sunagakure".[5][6] In the anime, it was shown that his Magnet Release was especially powerful. Despite Sasori gaining control of the Kazekage's corpse and powers by turning him into a Human Puppet, the Magnet Release was noticeable weaker compared to the Third's diminished strength from the reincarnation technique.[3]

Part II Edit

Kaguya Ōtsutsuki Strikes Edit

Combined Kage summoning

The Kage summoning Team 7 and the tailed beasts.

The Sage of the Six Paths calls upon the souls of the Third and all the other deceased Kage at the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War. The Kage combine efforts to summon the members of Team 7 and all nine tailed beasts from Kaguya's Dimensions. Once their task is complete, the Sage returns the Kage's souls to the Pure Land.

Trivia Edit

  • Both he and the Third Mizukage are the only Kage whose names are unknown.

References Edit

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