There Won't be a Later…!!

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"There Won't be a Later…!!"
(後は無い…!!, Ato wa Nai…!!)
Chapter Info
Volume Team 10 (#36)
Previous "Shikamaru's Analysis!!"
Chapter Naruto #325
Next "Desired Pain…!!"
Arc Akatsuki Suppression Mission
Anime Naruto Shippūden #78Naruto Shippūden #79
"There Won't be a Later…!!" (後は無い…!!, Ato wa Nai…!!) is chapter 325 of the original Naruto manga.


Shikamaru explains that Hidan's link with Asuma was created when he consumed some of Asuma's blood. However, in order for this link to do anything, Hidan must stand within the boundaries of the design he drew on the ground earlier. To break the link, Shikamaru forces Hidan out of the design and ties him down. Asuma tests Shikamaru's theory by inflicting harmless wounds on Hidan, which do do not occur to himself. Content, Asuma cuts off Hidan's head. Hidan's head yells at Kakuzu for not stopping Asuma before this happened.

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