The Worst Ending…!!

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"The Worst Ending…!!"
Chapter 233
(最悪の結末…!!, Saiaku no Ketsumatsu…!!)
Chapter Info
Volume The Day of Parting…!! (#26)
Previous "The Valley of the End"
Chapter Naruto #233
Next "The Day of Parting…!!"
Arc Sasuke Recovery Mission
Anime Naruto #134
"The Worst Ending…!!" (最悪の結末…!!, Saiaku no Ketsumatsu…!!) is chapter 233 of the original Naruto manga.


Naruto's Nine-Tails-fueled Rasengan and Sasuke's cursed seal-powered Chidori creates a sphere of chakra around them. Within the sphere Sasuke punches Naruto and Naruto scratches Sasuke's forehead protector, doing what Sasuke claimed he could not. They stand together as the sphere dissipates and when it is gone Sasuke stands over an unconscious Naruto. Sasuke's forehead protector falls off and, as he starts coughing up blood, he looks down at Naruto. It starts to rain and Kakashi finally arrives, though he finds Naruto alone and defeated.

Facts about "The Worst Ending…!!"RDF feed
ArcSasuke Recovery Mission +
Chapter number233 +
English nameThe Worst Ending…!! +
Kanji name最悪の結末…!! +
MangaNaruto +
NamesThe Worst Ending…!! +, 最悪の結末…!! + and Saiaku no Ketsumatsu…!! +
PictureChapter 233 +
Romaji nameSaiaku no Ketsumatsu…!! +
Volume number26 +

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