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Tōmei datta Sekai (透明だった世界, Literally meaning: The World that was Transparent), performed by Motohiro Hata, was the seventh opening sequence for Naruto: Shippūden. It replaced Sign and ran from episode 154 until episode 179 before being replaced by "Diver".



Ano hi hontō ni ushinatta mono tte nan datta kke?
Tou ni wasurete shimatta yo

Yuugure de futari sukoshi zutsu mienakunatte ite
Sore na no ni Bokura kaerezu ni ita

Dokoka ni kowaresou na moroi kokoro
Tsuyogaru kotoba de ootte kakushite'ru
Ootte kakushite'ru

Sayonara aenakunatta tte
Bokura wa tsuzuki ga aru kara

Kimi no inai sekai datte hashiru yo
Itsuka no itami wo koete…



あの日 ホントに失なたつたものつて何だつたけ?

夕暮れで 二人 少しずつ見えなくなっていつて
それなのに 僕ら 帰れずにいた

どこかに 壊れそうな脆い心

サヨナラ 会えなくなったって




What did I really lose on that day?
I forgot long ago
We lost sight of each other in the twilight
What's more; we were unable to return

Somewhere our brittle, broken hearts
Try to hide behind strong words
Try to hide

Farewell, although we couldn't be together
We will carry on
Even in a world where you no longer exist, I will run
Overcoming one day's pain…



The characters in order of appearance:


  • This opening, Diver, and Assault Rock are the only openings to have the Naruto: Shippūūden logo placed near the end.
  • This opening shows many fights that did not occur in the manga or anime, such as:
    • Sai fighting the Asura Path even though Sai wasn't at the village during Pain's assault.
    • Hinata, Sakura and Ino battling against Konan.
    • Neji, Rock Lee, Tenten and Kiba fighting the Deva Path.
    • Chōji and Kakashi fighting the Preta Path.
  • Despite many things in the opening not occuring in the actual series, Shizune being swiped of soul by the Human Path was one of the occurrences in the series. However, while she wears a Flak Jacket in the opening, she wears her normal attire in the manga and anime.
  • This song was also used in a movie version opening of Naruto: Shippūden anime.

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