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This is the article on volume 40 of the manga. If you are looking for the article on chapter 362, head to The Ultimate Art!!. For other uses, see The Ultimate Art!!.
The Ultimate Art!!
(究極芸術!!, Kyūkyoku Geijutsu!!)
Volume Info
Previous The People Starting to Move
Volume 40 (Read Online)
Next Jiraiya's Choice!!
Release Date
Japanese November 2, 2007 ISBN (978-4-08-874432-2) Icon - Search
English March 3, 2009 ISBN (978-1-4215-2841-0) Icon - Search
C4C0Dusk Crow GenjutsuHiding in a Toad TechniqueDance of the ShikigamiRain Tiger at Will TechniqueSummoning: Toad Shop TechniqueTurning into a Frog TechniqueHidden Doorway Technique
Snake Summoning Scroll

The Ultimate Art!! (究極芸術!!, Kyūkyoku Geijutsu!!) is volume 40 of the Naruto manga.

Chapter 360

"C4 Garuda " (C4カルラ, Shī Fō Karura)

C4 Garuda (chapter)

Chapter 361

"Weakness…!!" (弱点…!!, Jakuten…!!)


Chapter 362

"The Ultimate Art!! " (究極芸術!!, Kyūkyoku Geijutsu!!)

The Ultimate Art!! (chapter 362)

Chapter 363

"Sasuke's Death…!!" (サスケの死…!!, Sasuke no Shi…!!)

Sasuke's Death…!!

Chapter 364

"The Target is…!!" (狙いは…!!, Nerai wa…!!)

The Target is…!!

Chapter 365

"Pursue Itachi" (イタチを追え, Itachi o oe)

Pursue Itachi

Chapter 366

"Brothers " (兄弟, Kyōdai)

Brothers (chapter)

Chapter 367

"Itachi and Sasuke " (イタチとサスケ, Itachi to Sasuke)

Itachi and Sasuke (chapter 367)

Chapter 368

"Intelligence Gathering" (情報収集, Jōhō Shūshū)

Intelligence Gathering

Chapter 369

"Regarding Pain" (ペインについて, Pein ni Tsuite)

Regarding Pain

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