The True Feeling of Life…!!

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"The True Feeling of Life…!!"
Chapter 127
(生の実感…!!, Sei no Jitsukan…!!, Viz: To Feel Alive…!!)
Chapter Info
Volume The Naruto Shinobi Handbook!! (#15)
Previous "Negligence…!!"
Chapter Naruto #127
Next "Crossing the Limits…!!"
Arc Konoha Crush (Arc)
Anime Naruto #75
None in this Chapter
None in this Chapter
None in this Chapter
None in this Chapter
"The True Feeling of Life…!!" (生の実感…!!, Sei no Jitsukan…!!, Viz: To Feel Alive…!!) is chapter 127 of the original Naruto manga.


Gaara, partially transformed, attacks Sasuke, and Sasuke has difficulty dodging. He thinks back to an earlier encounter with Gaara wherein Gaara explained his interest in killing in Sasuke. Gaara recognises that Sasuke has known true loss and loneliness, and now seeks strength. As these are also traits Gaara possesses, Gaara believes they are the same. By killing Sasuke, Gaara would prove himself superior and thus feel truly alive. Intending not to give Gaara what he wants, and to make sure he will be able to kill his brother Itachi, Sasuke attacks Gaara with Chidori.

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