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|top={{Wikipedia|List of Naruto episodes (seasons 7-9)}}
|top={{Wikipedia|List of Naruto episodes (seasons 7–9)|302526695}}
|image=Face Copying Technique 2.PNG
|image=Face Copying Technique 2.PNG
|english=The Treasure Hunt is On!
|english=The Treasure Hunt is On!

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The Treasure Hunt is On!
File:Face Copying Technique 2.PNG
(ここ掘れワンワン! 埋蔵金を探せ, Koko Hore Wan Wan! Maizōkin o Sagase)
Episode data
Previous Impossible! Celebrity Ninja Art: Money Style Jutsu!
Episode Naruto #175
Next Run, Dodge, Zigzag! Chase or Be Chased!
Arc Impostor Arc
Japanese March 8, 2006
English June 14, 2008
Agari Kaisen
Face Copying Technique
None in this Episode

The Treasure Hunt is On! (ここ掘れワンワン! 埋蔵金を探せ, Koko Hore Wan Wan! Maizōkin o Sagase) is episode 175 of the original Naruto anime.


Naruto, Hinata and Kiba are given a mission to find some treasure, and are told that if they fail it, they will be returned to the Ninja Academy, due to Naruto's poor performance on missions with at least Kiba and Hinata. They set out to find it, but Naruto and Kiba's arguments prevent them from cooperating. They are ambushed and trapped by three people who then copy their identities, smell, thoughts and learn that the person who requested the mission is their leader.

Facts about The Treasure Hunt is On!RDF feed
AnimeNaruto: Original +
ArcImpostor Arc +
English airdate14 June 2008 +
English nameThe Treasure Hunt is On! +
Episode number175 +
Japanese airdate8 March 2006 +
Kanji nameここ掘れワンワン! 埋蔵金を探せ +
NameThe Treasure Hunt is On! +
NamesThe Treasure Hunt is On! +, ここ掘れワンワン! 埋蔵金を探せ + and Koko Hore Wan Wan! Maizōkin o Sagase +
PictureFile:Face Copying Technique 2.PNG +
Romaji nameKoko Hore Wan Wan! Maizōkin o Sagase +

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