The Training Begins…?!

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"The Training Begins…?!"
(修行開始…!?, Shūgyō Kaishi…!?)
Chapter Info
Volume Itachi's Power!! (#17)
Previous "The Legendary…!!"
Chapter 150
Next "Impetus…!!"
Arc Search for Tsunade Arc
Anime Naruto #86
ChōsekiGantetsu KazabuneKusumaMomiji Susuki
"The Training Begins…?!" (修行開始…!?, Shūgyō Kaishi…!?) is chapter 150 of the original Naruto manga.


Naruto and Jiraiya stop at a fair to gather information on Tsunade. When Naruto says he wants to enjoy the fair, Jiraiya takes most of his money so that he, a ninja, will not over-indulge himself. After spending what little money he is allowed and buying Jiraiya some food as thanks, Naruto finds that Jiraiya has not taken his own advice; not only has he surrounded himself with women and alcohol, but he has spent Naruto's money in order to do so. As Naruto yells at him he earns the anger of Gantetsu. Jiraiya deals with Gantetsu, at the same time demonstrating the Rasengan. To start Naruto on his way of learning the Rasengan, Jiraiya instructs him to pop a water balloon by spinning his chakra.

Facts about "The Training Begins…?!"RDF feed
ArcSearch for Tsunade Arc +
Chapter number150 +
English nameThe Training Begins…?! +
Kanji name修行開始…!? +
MaintenanceMissing image +
NamesThe Training Begins…?! +, 修行開始…!? + and Shūgyō Kaishi…!? +
Romaji nameShūgyō Kaishi…!? +
Volume number17 +

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