The Tool Named Shinobi

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"The Tool Named Shinobi"
(忍という名の道具, Shinobi to Iu Na no Dōgu, Viz: The Tools Called Shinobi)
Chapter Info
Volume The Hero's Bridge!! (#4)
Previous "Everyone's Respective Battles…!!"
Chapter Naruto #32
Next "The Hero's Bridge!!"
Arc Prologue — Land of Waves
Anime Naruto #18, Naruto #19
"The Tool Named Shinobi" (忍という名の道具, Shinobi to Iu Na no Dōgu, Viz: The Tools Called Shinobi) is chapter 32 of the original Naruto manga.


Kakashi destroys Zabuza's arms, preventing him from attacking further. Seeing that Zabuza will no longer be able to assassinate Tazuna, Gatō appears with a group of thugs to finish the job himself. Noticing Haku's body and remembering when Haku broke his arm, Gatō defiles his corpse. Although this makes Naruto mad, he is even angrier about the fact that Zabuza does not seem to care. Zabuza reminds him that both he and Haku were ninja: tools of battle. They have no emotions or attachments. Naruto explains that this was not true of Haku as he cared deeply for Zabuza. Knowing that Naruto is right, Zabuza cries for never appreciating Haku. Hoping to repent, Zabuza takes a kunai with his mouth and charges through the thugs to reach Gatō. He decapitates Gatō and that collapses from the combined attacks of Gatō's forces.

Facts about "The Tool Named Shinobi"RDF feed
ArcPrologue — Land of Waves +
Chapter number32 +
English nameThe Tool Named Shinobi +
Kanji name忍という名の道具 +
MaintenanceMissing image +
MangaNaruto +
NamesThe Tool Named Shinobi +, 忍という名の道具 + and Shinobi to Iu Na no Dōgu +
Romaji nameShinobi to Iu Na no Dōgu +
Volume number4 +

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