The Too Distant Elder Brother

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The Too Distant Elder Brother
Chapter 221
(遠すぎる兄, Tōsugiru Ani)
Chapter Info
Volume Itachi and Sasuke, Brothers
Previous Itachi and Sasuke, Brothers
Chapter 221
Next Itachi's Doubt
Arc Sasuke Retrieval Arc
Anime Naruto #129
Daikoku FunenoKōtaInabi UchihaTekka UchihaYashiro Uchiha
None in this Chapter
None in this Chapter
The Too Distant Elder Brother (遠すぎる兄, Tōsugiru Ani) is chapter 221 of the Naruto manga.


Sasuke was glad to have Fugaku come with him during his first day at the Academy. However, his father's, his instructors', and even his classmates expectations for him to live up to Itachi's milestones only disappointed him. Sasuke did his best, earning praise from his father for a start on the road to matching Itachi. Itachi, meanwhile, began to display strain from what was expected of him as the future of the Uchiha clan, at one point theorizing that Sasuke hated him. Sasuke tried to explain that this wasn't the case, but Itachi insisted that that was his purpose as an older brother: to be an obstacle for Sasuke.

Facts about The Too Distant Elder BrotherRDF feed
ArcSasuke Retrieval Arc +
Chapter number221 +
English nameThe Too Distant Elder Brother +
Kanji name遠すぎる兄 +
NamesThe Too Distant Elder Brother +, 遠すぎる兄 + and Tōsugiru Ani +
PictureChapter 221 +
Romaji nameTōsugiru Ani +
Volume number25 +

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