"The Summoning Technique: Wisdom of the Toad Sage!" (エロ仙人直伝 口寄せの術だってばよ!!, Ero-sennin Jikiden Kuchiyose no Jutsu Dattebayo!!) is episode 54 of the original Naruto anime.


Releasing Naruto into Jiraiya's care, Ebisu tells the Sannin to take care of him. Meanwhile, at the Kikyō Castle, Dosu tries to kill Gaara so he can fight Sasuke in the finals, only to be easily killed by a transformed Gaara which horrifies Dosu before his death. Baki and Kabuto look on from the sidelines having witnessed the attack. Baki and Kabuto then discussed their plans to attack Konoha. Hayate Gekkō heard the conversation. After he heard the plans, he attempts to leave in order to notify the Third Hokage, but he is killed by Baki. Jiraiya was peeking again at the bathing girls prompting Naruto to finally use his Sexy Technique to convince Jiraiya to train him. Jiraiya finally tells Naruto that he's teaching him the Summoning Technique. Listening to Naruto describe his chakra, Jiraiya tells him that he must use his "red chakra" to use the technique so he had to first use up all of his regular chakra. So Naruto depleted his chakra using the Shadow Clone Technique. After that, Jiraiya summoned a frog, with a summoning contract scroll. After signing the contract, Naruto tried using the Summoning Technique, but only a tadpole appeared. Hayate's body was later found by a group of Anbu with Yūgao Uzuki wondering aloud what had happened.