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This is the article on volume 19. If you are looking for the article on chapter 171, head to The Successor.
The Successor
(受け継ぐ者, Uketsugumono)
Volume Info
Previous Tsunade's Decision!!
Volume 19
Next Naruto vs. Sasuke!!
Release Date
Japanese November 11, 2003 ISBN (4-08-873523-4) Icon - Search
English October 2, 2007 ISBN (978-1-4215-1654-7) Icon - Search
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Blood Increasing Pill

The Successor (受け継ぐ者, Uketsugumono) is volume 19 of the Naruto manga.

Chapter 163

"The Undecayed…!!" (朽ちぬもの…!!, Kuchinumono…!!)

The Undecayed…!!

Chapter 164

"Medical Specialist!!" (医療忍者!!, Supesharisuto!!)

Medical Specialist!!

Chapter 165

"Naruto, Attack!!" (ナルト、突撃っ!!, Naruto, Totsugeki!!)

Naruto, Attack!!

Chapter 166

"The Abilities of the Shinobi…!!" (忍の才能…!!, Shinobi no Sainō…!!)

The Abilities of the Shinobi…!!

Chapter 167

"As Promised…!!" (約束通り…!!, Yakusokudōri…!!)

As Promised…!!

Chapter 168

"Just Once More" (もう一度だけ, Mō Ichido Dake)

Just Once More

Chapter 169

"Risking One's Life…!!" (命を懸ける…!!, Inochi o Kakeru…!!)

Risking One's Life…!!

Chapter 170

"A Three-Way Deadlock of Offence and Defence!!" (三竦みの攻防!!, Sansukumi no Kōbō!!)

A Three-Way Deadlock of Offence and Defence!!

Chapter 171

"The Successor" (受け継ぐ者, Uketsugumono)

The Successor

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