The Sixth Match and…!!

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"The Sixth Match and…!!"
Chapter 074
(第六回戦…そして!!, Dairoku Kaisen… Soshite!!, Viz: The Sixth Round Match, and Then…!!)
Chapter Info
Volume Neji and Hinata (#9)
Previous "A Declaration of Defeat…?!"
Chapter Naruto #74
Next "Naruto's Growth…!!"
Arc Chūnin Exams (Arc)
Anime Naruto #43
None in this Chapter
Shadow Senbon
None in this Chapter
"The Sixth Match and…!!" (第六回戦…そして!!, Dairoku Kaisen… Soshite!!, Viz: The Sixth Round Match, and Then…!!) is chapter 74 of the original Naruto manga.


Shikamaru and Kin Tsuchi are selected for the sixth match. Shikamaru immediately tries to catch Kin with his shadow, but she dodges and retaliates by throwing senbon at him. He avoids them only to be distracted by a sound behind him. He finds that there are bells attached to the senbon which, in turn, are attached to strings that Kin can use to ring them from a distance. She attacks him with another volley, but then finds she is paralysed, Shikamaru having snuck his shadow over to her via the strings' shadows. Shikamaru throws a shuriken at Kin, who, forced to copy his movements, does the same. As they both lean back to dodge, Kin hits her head on the wall, not having realised how close she was. Shikamaru wins, and Naruto and Kiba Inuzuka are chosen for the seventh match.

Facts about "The Sixth Match and…!!"RDF feed
ArcChūnin Exams (Arc) +
Chapter number74 +
English nameThe Sixth Match and…!! +
Kanji name第六回戦…そして!! +
MangaNaruto +
NamesThe Sixth Match and…!! +, 第六回戦…そして!! + and Dairoku Kaisen… Soshite!! +
PictureChapter 074 +
Romaji nameDairoku Kaisen… Soshite!! +
Volume number9 +

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