edit"The Sharingan vs. The Lightning Blade, Kiba the Fang!"
The Sharingan vs The Lightning Blade
(写輪眼VS雷刀・牙, Sharingan bāsasu Raitō: Kiba)
Episode data
Previous "The New Seven Ninja Swordsmen!!"
Episode Boruto #30 (Watch Online)
Next "Boruto and Kagura"
Arc School Trip Arc
Japanese October 25, 2017
"The Sharingan vs. The Lightning Blade, Kiba the Fang!" (写輪眼VS雷刀・牙, Sharingan bāsasu Raitō: Kiba) is episode 30 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.


Boruto sees Kagura approaching him, Hiramekarei in hand. Buntan attacks Sarada with lightning from Kiba. Sarada blocks her attack and activates her Sharingan. Buntan continues throwing Lightning Balls at Sarada, who dodges them. Buntan comments on getting to face the Sharingan, and lures Sarada into a trap. Kyohō misses his attack, Chōjūrō goads Hassaku into attacking him, using the attack to cut some of the wires holding him in place, allowing him to grab his own sword and cut the rest. Ichirōta watches it and comments from afar. Sarada blocks another of Buntan's attacks, and causes her to retreat to avoid genjutsu. Buntan remotely controls Kiba to attack Sarada. As she dodges the swords, Sarada notices water around. Creating a Lightning Fish, Buntan limits Sarada's mobility to small rocks in the water, and continues attacking from a distance, so Sarada can't read her hand seals. Boruto tries talking Kagura down from fighting. Chōjūrō fights Hassaku, Kyohō, and Hebiichigo. Buntan finally manages to cause Sarada to fall pray to her Lightning Fish, but it turns out to be a shadow clone. Buntan tells Sarada about how her father died by Naruto's hand without knowing of her existence. Sarada charges ahead, and with Buntan in sight, starts countering her with her own copied Lightning Release. Buntan uses Kiba to cover herself in Lightning Release, and throws Sarada into the water, on the path of her Lightning Fish. Shizuma moves in to kill Boruto himself, but Kagura steps forward to do it. Buntan and Sarada clash, and Buntan recalls her unhappy childhood. Chōjūrō defeats Hebiichigo and Hassaku, causing Kyohō to surrender. Ichirōta prepares to attack Chōjūrō from afar, but is interrupted by Iwabee, who manages to cut him down. Ichirōta explodes Shibuki trying to take him down. Sarada notices Buntan's fish causes bubbles as it swims. Buntan decapitates Sarada, only for it to be genjutsu, which Sarada used since she got close enough to copy her jutsu. Sarada also points out that all during their fight, her fish has been electrolysing the water, building up hydrogen gas in the area. Sarada detonates it with an explosive tag, defeating Buntan, before passing out from exhaustion. Kagura continues attacking Boruto, claiming how they grew up was completely different.