The Sharingan Crumbles…!!

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The Sharingan Crumbles…!!
Chapter 026
(写輪眼崩し…!!, Sharingan Kuzushi…!!)
Chapter Info
Volume For the Sake of Dreams…!!
Previous For the Sake of Dreams…!!
Chapter 26
Next Awakening…!!
Arc Prologue — Land of Waves
Anime Naruto #14, Naruto #15, Naruto #16
None in this Chapter
None in this Chapter
None in this Chapter
The Sharingan Crumbles…!! (写輪眼崩し…!!, Sharingan Kuzushi…!!) is chapter 26 of the Naruto manga.


Zabuza attacks Kakashi before he has a chance to reveal his Sharingan. Kakashi blocks the attack but Zabuza is unconcerned, having learned from their previous encounter. Haku had watched their battle and realised that the Sharingan apparent mind reading abilities were only an illusion. To avoid falling prey to the same trick twice, Zabuza coats the area in a thick mist to reduce visibility and also fights with his eyes closed, both factors making it impossible for the Sharingan to hypnotise him. Kakashi having lost his advantage, Zabuza takes the opportunity to try and kill Tazuna. Kakashi appears before Tazuna at the last second to block the attack.

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