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|image=Chapter 010.jpg:200px
|image=Chapter 010.jpg
|english=The Second Critter
|english=The Second Critter
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[[es:Dos menos]]
[[es:Dos menos]]
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The Second Critter

Chapter 010

(2匹目, Nihikime)

Chapter Info
Volume The Worst Client
Previous The Worst Client
Chapter 10
Next Disembarking…!!
Arc Land of Waves Arc
Anime Naruto #6

GatōZabuza Momochi

None in this Chapter


The Second Critter (2匹目, Nihikime) is chapter 10 of the Naruto manga.

Summary Edit

Before the Demon Brothers can kill Naruto, Sasuke steps in and stops them. They turn their attention to Tazuna, and Sakura comes to his defence. Before the brothers can land an attack, Kakashi appears and neutralises them, having only pretended to be killed so he could see who their target was. Obvious that protecting Tazuna is going to be more complicated than the C-rank mission they were assigned, Kakashi considers going home. Naruto, angry with himself for freezing up, demands that they complete the mission no matter how complicated it may become, vowing to never step down from a challenge.

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