The Promise That Could Not Be Kept

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Please note that this is the Narutopedia's article on episode 135 of the original anime. If you are looking for the article on chapter 236 of the manga then you should head to the Promise that Couldn't be Kept.
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The Promise That Could Not Be Kept
The Promise That Could Not Be Kept
(守れなかった約束, Mamorenakatta Yakusoku)
Episode data
Previous The End of Tears
Episode Naruto #135
Next Deep Cover?! A Super S-Ranked Mission!
Arc Sasuke Recovery Mission
Manga Chapter #235, Chapter #236, Chapter #237, Chapter #238
Japanese May 18, 2005
English January 26, 2008
Healing Resuscitation Regeneration TechniqueMagic Lantern Body Technique
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The Promise That Could Not Be Kept (守れなかった約束, Mamorenakatta Yakusoku) is episode 135 of the original Naruto anime.


The retrieval team was brought back to Konoha where, despite the severity of their injuries, all managed to fully recover. When Naruto came to, he apologised to Sakura for not managing to keep his promise and failing to bring Sasuke back. Sakura didn't mind, and still thanked Naruto for his wanting to fulfill his promise to her in the future. Afterwards, Jiraiya offered Naruto a chance to leave with him for three years to train. Naruto accepted, and Jiraiya told him they would leave whenever he was ready. Elsewhere, Sasuke arrived at Orochimaru's lair, where he soon proved himself worthy of Orochimaru's guidance. Meanwhile, Akatsuki assembled, ready to start their mission three years from then.

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