The One Who Knows the Truth

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This is the article on chapter 397 of the Naruto manga. If you are looking for the article on volume 43 of the series, head to The One Who Knows the Truth.
"The One Who Knows the Truth"
(真実を知る者, Shinjitsu o Shiru Mono)
Chapter Info
Volume The One Who Knows the Truth (#43)
Previous "Self-Introduction"
Chapter 397
Next "The Origin of Konoha"
Arc Itachi Pursuit Arc
Anime Naruto Shippūden #139
None in this Chapter
Transcription Seal: Amaterasu
"The One Who Knows the Truth" (真実を知る者, Shinjitsu o Shiru Mono) is chapter 397 of the original Naruto manga.


Seeing Tobi's Sharingan, Sasuke's left eye turns into Itachi's Mangekyō Sharingan and casts Amaterasu upon him. Tobi retreats into the shadows. Sasuke wonders what he did, which Tobi, upon returning, explains to have been Itachi's doing, a defence meant to kill Tobi in order to protect Sasuke. Although Sasuke remembers Itachi doing something when he tapped his forehead, Sasuke cannot understand why Itachi would want to protect him. Repeating that there are many things Sasuke does not know about Itachi, Tobi, revealing himself as Madara Uchiha, offers to tell him the truth.

Facts about "The One Who Knows the Truth"RDF feed
ArcItachi Pursuit Arc +
Chapter number397 +
English nameThe One Who Knows the Truth +
Kanji name真実を知る者 +
MaintenanceMissing image +
NamesThe One Who Knows the Truth +, 真実を知る者 + and Shinjitsu o Shiru Mono +
Romaji nameShinjitsu o Shiru Mono +
Volume number43 +

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