The Number One Strongest Enemy!!

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"The Number One Strongest Enemy!!"
Chapter 196
(一番強い敵!!, Ichiban Tsuyoi Teki!!, Viz: The Strongest Enemy!!)
Chapter Info
Volume Reincarnation…!! (#22)
Previous "The Way to Capture…!!"
Chapter Naruto #196
Next "Prepared to Die!!"
Arc Sasuke Recovery Mission
Anime Naruto #117
"The Number One Strongest Enemy!!" (一番強い敵!!, Ichiban Tsuyoi Teki!!, Viz: The Strongest Enemy!!) is chapter 196 of the original Naruto manga.


Kidōmaru fires an arrow at Neji's blindspot. Neji, having suspected his blindspot had been discovered, is able to dodge enough to keep the attack from killing him. Kidōmaru realises that Neji must have surrounded the area with chakra to compensate for his blindspot and pick up on anything that approaches from that direction. Disappointed that the strongest "character" of the Sasuke Recovery Team has been figured out so easily, Kidōmaru modifies his arrow to make it faster and adds a string to guide it mid-flight. Once a fleeing, injured, exhausted Neji presents his blindspot, Kidōmaru fires again and successfully hits him.

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