edit"The Night of the Shooting Stars"
The Night of the Shooting Stars
(星降る夜, Hoshifuru Yoru)
Episode data
Previous "The Super Beast Scroll Slump!"
Episode Boruto #34 (Watch Online)
Next "The Parent Teacher Conference!"
Arc Graduation Exams Arc
Japanese November 22, 2017
"The Night of the Shooting Stars" (星降る夜, Hoshifuru Yoru) is episode 34 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.


Boruto finds his classmates are generally concerned with upcoming graduation exams, leaving them no time to hang out. Boruto finds Shikadai, Inojin, and Chōchō, who are exhausted from training. He tries starting a conversation, but the three just discuss their training. Mitsuki wonders why Boruto is acting like that, and points out a thinner Gongorō Kamakura, Kagemasa's actor, on the tv, speaking about eating a famous carp, so good it's said one never forgets its taste. Boruto proposes they eat it as well. Boruto invites other classmates. Shikadai asks Boruto about his commitment over camping for the carp, something he'd usually find tedious. Boruto confides that he wants them all to do something together before going their separate ways after graduation. At home, Sakura notices Sarada's lack of excitement over going camping, and her complaints about Boruto remind her of her own complaints about Naruto during their Academy days. Boruto and his classmates set up at the camping site. They go fishing for the carp, but fail to catch anything. One of the caretakers says the rains have caused the carps to hide in the rocks, making them that much harder to catch. Boruto almost fishes one, but reels in too hard, causing the line to break. At night, they eat curry. Boruto goes fishing again, Sarada and Sumire follow him. Boruto and Sarada end up arguing. Sumire finds it amusing, and thanks Boruto for helping her change. The carp catches on Boruto's line, and starts pulling him in. Sarada helps Boruto pull the carp, and Sumire summons Nue, using its chakra to strengthen the line so it won't break. Their classmates arrive, each using their ninjutsu to help reel the carp in. They all eat the carp, and Sumire points out the starry sky above them. At the moon, Toneri struggles to smooth over spacetime distortions.