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|top={{Looking for|volume 35 of the [[Naruto Series|Naruto manga]]|chapter 313|The New Twosome!! (chapter)|The New Twosome!!}}
|top={{Looking for|volume 35 of the manga|chapter 313|The New Twosome!!}}
|english=The New Twosome!!
|english=The New Twosome!!

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This is the article on volume 35 of the manga. If you are looking for the article on chapter 313, head to The New Twosome!!.
The New Twosome!!
(新たなる二人組!!, Aratanaru Futarigumi!!)
Volume Info
Previous The Time of Reunion…!!
Volume 35 (Read Online)
Next Team 10
Release Date
Japanese November 2, 2006 ISBN (978-4-08-874273-1) Icon - Search
English February 3, 2009 ISBN (978-1-4215-2003-2) Icon - Search
ShinYugito NiiKakuzuHidanMatatabiIchigenSentokiChirikuIsobu
Curse Technique: Death Controlling Possessed BloodGreat Cat Claw AttackEarth Release: Earth SpearSealed Iron WallEarth Release: Earth-Style RampartWater Release: Waterfall Basin TechniqueWood Release: Foo Dog Heads
Triple-Bladed ScytheRetractable SpearKunai Blades

The New Twosome!! (新たなる二人組!!, Aratanaru Futarigumi!!) is volume 35 of the Naruto manga.

Chapter 310

"Title" (タイトル, Taitoru)


Chapter 311

"Nicknames" (あだ名, Adana)


Chapter 312

"The Creeping Threat!!" (忍び寄る脅威!!, Shinobiyoru Kyōi!!)

The Creeping Threat!!

Chapter 313

"The New Twosome!!" (新たなる二人組!!, Aratanaru Futarigumi!!)

The New Twosome!!

Chapter 314

"Akatsuki Invades…!!" (“暁”侵攻…!!, "Akatsuki" Shinkō…!!)

Akatsuki Invades…!!

Chapter 315

"Special Training!!" (特別な修業!!, Tokubetsuna Shugyō!!)

Special Training!!

Chapter 316

"Training, Begin!!" (修業、始め!!, Shugyō, Hajime!!)

Training, Begin!!

Chapter 317

"The Beginning of the Nightmare!!" (悪夢の始まり!!, Akumu no Hajimari!!)

The Beginning of the Nightmare!!

Chapter 318

"Smooth Training" (順調なる修業, Junchōnaru Shugyō)

Smooth Training

Chapter 319

"Driving Forces" (つき動かすもの, Tsukiugokasu Mono)

Driving Forces

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