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This is the article on chapter 313 of the manga. For volume 35, head to The New Twosome!!.
"The New Twosome!!"
Chapter 313
(新たなる二人組!!, Aratanaru Futarigumi!!, Viz: The New Two!!)
Chapter Info
Volume The New Twosome!! (#35)
Previous "The Creeping Threat!!"
Chapter Naruto #313
Next "Akatsuki Invades…!!"
Arc Akatsuki Suppression Mission
Anime Naruto Shippūden #72
Cat Flame Roaring FireCurse Technique: Death Controlling Possessed BloodGreat Cat Claw Attack
Retractable Spear
"The New Twosome!!" (新たなる二人組!!, Aratanaru Futarigumi!!, Viz: The New Two!!) is chapter 313 of the original Naruto manga.


Yugito, having lured Hidan and Kakuzu into a trap, seals the exits to prevent them from escaping. She transforms into the Two-Tails and attacks them, but they are not concerned. In Konoha, Asuma begins to speak with Kakashi about something when they are interrupted by Kurenai. Asuma leaves with her, saying he'll talk to Kakashi later. Hidan and Kakuzu manage to defeat Yugito, though quickly bicker over why it took so long to do so. They then prepare to go to the Land of Fire.

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