The New Target

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"The New Target"
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(新たなる目標, Aratanaru Mokuteki)
Episode data
Previous "Return of the Kazekage"
Episode Naruto: Shippūden #33 (Watch Online)
Next "Formation! New Team Kakashi!"
Arc Sasuke and Sai Arc
Manga Chapter #282, Chapter #283
Japanese November 8, 2007
English April 28, 2010
None in this Episode
Super Beast Imitating DrawingSuper Beast Imitating Drawing: Wild LionTomoe Lion
None in this Episode
"The New Target" (新たなる目標, Aratanaru Mokuteki) is episode 33 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

The New Target (新たなる目標, Aratanaru Mokuteki) is episode 33 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


In Konoha, Kakashi rests in a hospital, while Sakura tells Tsunade about the information the dying Akatsuki member, Sasori gave her: that he was supposed to meet with one of his spies from within Orochimaru's ranks in ten days at the Tenchi Bridge. As four days had already passed, Naruto realises the need of another team-mate and so, starting searching Konoha for a willing recruit. He runs into Team 8, but they are unable to help, as they are assigned a mission of their own. Later, just as Chōji agrees to help Naruto, the two and Shikamaru are attacked by Sai.

Facts about "The New Target"RDF feed
AnimeNaruto: Shippuden +
ArcSasuke and Sai Arc +
English airdate28 April 2010 +
English nameThe New Target +
Episode number33 +
Japanese airdate8 November 2007 +
Kanji name新たなる目標 +
Manga Chapter282 + and 283 +
NameThe New Target +
NamesThe New Target +, 新たなる目標 + and Aratanaru Mokuteki +
PictureFile:Super Beasts.jpg +
Romaji nameAratanaru Mokuteki +

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