The Mizukage, the Giant Clam, and the Mirage

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"The Mizukage, the Giant Clam, and the Mirage"
Ohamaguri mist
(水影と蜃と蜃気楼, Mizukage to Ōhamaguri to Shinkirō)
Episode data
Previous "The Acknowledged One"
Episode Naruto: Shippūden #300 (Watch Online)
Next "Paradox"
Arc Shinobi World War Arc
Manga Chapter #548, Chapter #552, Chapter #553, Chapter #555, Chapter #556
Japanese February 14, 2013
Giant Clam
Demonic Illusion: Steaming Multistoried BuildingEarth Release: Ultra-Added-Weight Rock TechniquePlanetary RasenganWater Balloon TechniqueWater Gun Technique
None in this Episode
"The Mizukage, the Giant Clam, and the Mirage" (水影と蜃と蜃気楼, Mizukage to Ōhamaguri to Shinkirō) is episode 300 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

The Mizukage, the Giant Clam and the Mirage (水影と蜃と蜃気楼, Mizukage to Ōhamaguri to Shinkirō) is episode 300 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


Before Gaara can completely seal the Second Mizukage and the Third Raikage, they escape and begin ruthlessly attacking the Fourth Division. Meanwhile, the battle between Ōnoki and drags on with none being able to get the upper hand on the other using the Dust Release: Detachment of the Primitive World Technique. Mū warns his pupil to call for assistance as the situation did not look good for his aged disciple. As the Mizukage and Raikage reveal their abilities and how to counter them, the Mizukage summons his Giant Clam and the Third Raikage breaks away from him with a group inclusive of Temari follow him. Gaara leaves the sealing of the Mizukage up to the members of his division and opts to go after Mū instead, greatly offending the Mizukage. During the battle with the Tsuchikage, Naruto arrives and uses his Planetary Rasengan, and with Gaara's assistance is able to land a hit on Mū sending the Tsuchikage flying. Ōnoki quickly uses his Earth Release: Added-Weight Rock Technique to weigh Mū down to the point that he cannot move at all, and Gaara subsequently seals him. Gaara immediately questions Naruto as to why he is on the battlefield just as Shikaku speaks to them and explains why Naruto was there. Gaara asks Naruto if he can handle using the Nine-Tails' chakra so easily, and he answers that he doesn't plan to die until becoming the Hokage, and is not a kid just because Gaara is Kazekage. Mobilising to where the Third Raikage was, the two Kage head over to confront the Second Mizukage. The shinobi there are still struggling to defeat the Second's Mirage Genjutsu, and are attacked by his Water Balloon Technique before Gaara rescues them. However, the oil in the technique keeps weakening his sand as Gaara engages the Second. Elsewhere his sensory sand locates the real Giant Clam which Ōnoki then tries to destroy, but he doesn't have enough chakra to use his Dust Release. He instead uses a weighted stone fist to break the clam's shell thus dispelling the mist. However, Ōnoki strains his back, allowing the Second Mizukage to use his Water Gun Technique to shoot the Tsuchikage before he can escape.


Role Seiyū
English Japanese Rōmaji English Japanese Rōmaji
Naruto Uzumaki うずまきナルト Uzumaki Naruto Junko Takeuchi 竹内 順子 Takeuchi Junko
Fifth Kazekage: Gaara 五代目風影・我愛羅 Godaime Kazekage: Gaara Akira Ishida 石田 彰 Ishida Akira
Temari テマリ Temari Romi Park 朴 璐美 Paku Romi
Shikaku Nara 奈良シカク Nara Shikaku Hiroshi Yanaka 家中 宏 Yanaka Hiroshi
Third Tsuchikage: Ōnoki 三代目土影・オオノキ Sandaime Tsuchikage: Ōnoki Tomomichi Nishimura 西村 知道 Nishimura Tomomichi
Second Mizukage 二代目水影 Nidaime Mizukage Hideyuki Umezu 梅津 秀行 Umezu Hideyuki
Second Tsuchikage: Mū 二代目土影・無 Nidaime Tsuchikage: Mū Osamu Mukai 向井 修 Mukai Osamu
Third Raikage 三代目雷影 Sandaime Raikage Naoki Tamanoi 玉野井直樹 Tamanoi Naoki
Allied Shinobi 連合の忍 Rengō no Shinobi Tōru Nara 奈良 徹 Nara Tōru
Tomoyuki Shimura 志村 知幸 Shimura Tomoyuki
Ryūichi Kijima 木島 隆一 Kijima Ryūichi
Taira Kikumoto 菊本 平 Kikumoto Taira
Mitsuhiro Gotō 後藤 光祐 Gotō Mitsuhiro
Facts about "The Mizukage, the Giant Clam, and the Mirage"RDF feed
AnimeNaruto: Shippuden +
ArcShinobi World War Arc +
English nameThe Mizukage, the Giant Clam, and the Mirage +
Episode number300 +
Japanese airdate14 February 2013 +
Kanji name水影と蜃と蜃気楼 +
Manga Chapter548 +, 552 +, 553 +, 555 + and 556 +
NameThe Mizukage, the Giant Clam, and the Mirage +
NamesThe Mizukage, the Giant Clam, and the Mirage +, 水影と蜃と蜃気楼 + and Mizukage to Ōhamaguri to Shinkirō +
PictureOhamaguri mist +
Romaji nameMizukage to Ōhamaguri to Shinkirō +

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