The Mission Given…!!

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"The Mission Given…!!"
Chapter 117
(下された任務…!!, Kudasareta Ninmu…!!)
Chapter Info
Volume The Chūnin Exams, Concluded…!! (#13)
Previous "Konoha Crush…!!"
Chapter Naruto #117
Next "Confinement…!!"
Arc Invasion of Konoha Arc
Anime Naruto #69
None in this Chapter
Shuriken Shadow Clone TechniqueSummoning: Impure World Reincarnation
None in this Chapter
None in this Chapter
"The Mission Given…!!" (下された任務…!!, Kudasareta Ninmu…!!) is chapter 117 of the original Naruto manga.


Kakashi tasks Sakura to pursue Sasuke and stop him from engaging the Sand Siblings. He summons Pakkun to guide her and has them wake up Naruto and Shikamaru (the latter of whom is only pretending to be asleep) before sending them on their way amidst an ongoing battle between Konoha and Oto. The Third Hokage prepares for battle. He attacks and Orochimaru summons three coffins. The Third attempts to stop them, but two of the coffins successfully open.

Facts about "The Mission Given…!!"RDF feed
ArcInvasion of Konoha Arc +
Chapter number117 +
English nameThe Mission Given…!! +
Kanji name下された任務…!! +
MangaNaruto +
NamesThe Mission Given…!! +, 下された任務…!! + and Kudasareta Ninmu…!! +
PictureChapter 117 +
Romaji nameKudasareta Ninmu…!! +
Volume number13 +

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