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"The Missed Target"
Episode 199
(的外れ 見えてきた標的, Matohazure, Mietekita Hyōteki)
Episode data
Previous "The Anbu Gives Up? Naruto's Recollection"
Episode Naruto #199
Next "The Powerful Helper"
Arc Konoha Plans Recapture Mission
Japanese August 30, 2006
English September 20, 2008
"The Missed Target" (的外れ 見えてきた標的, Matohazure, Mietekita Hyōteki) is episode 199 of the original Naruto anime.


A Giant Eagle drops countless copies of the letter of introduction into town, serving as a diversion from Gennō's true plan. The genin group discovers that a kunai target in the Academy dōjō is actually the trigger for explosive tags in the Academy, and that explosive tags are planted all across the village.

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