edit"The Missed Target"
Episode 199
(的外れ 見えてきた標的, Matohazure, Mietekita Hyōteki)
Episode data
Previous "The Anbu Gives Up? Naruto's Recollection"
Episode Naruto #199
Next "The Powerful Helper"
Arc Konoha Plans Recapture Mission
Opening "Re:member"
Ending "Pinocchio"
Japanese August 30, 2006
English September 20, 2008
"The Missed Target" (的外れ 見えてきた標的, Matohazure, Mietekita Hyōteki) is episode 199 of the original Naruto anime.


A Giant Eagle drops countless copies of the letter of introduction into town, serving as a diversion from Gennō's true plan. The genin group discovers that a kunai target in the Academy dōjō is actually the trigger for explosive tags in the Academy, and that explosive tags are planted all across the village.