edit"The Message"
Naruto & Hinata
(祝いの言葉, Iwai no Kotoba)
Episode data
Previous "The Outcome of the Secret Mission"
Episode Naruto: Shippūden #500 (Watch Online)
Arc Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding (Arc)
Japanese March 23, 2017
"The Message" (祝いの言葉, Iwai no Kotoba) is episode 500 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


Iruka dreams back to when Naruto stole the Scroll of Seals. Konohamaru wants to record another message from Iruka, finding the previous one to be uninspired. Iruka still doesn't know what to say. He scolds Tsukune, Mibuna, and Sansho for vandalising the Third Hokage's statue again. Sadoru asks Iruka if he'll be making a speech during the ceremony, but Iruka says Kakashi will do it. Ayame runs into Iruka, noting he hasn't been to Ramen Ichiraku in a while. Iruka explains he's still trying to figure out what to say. Naruto visits Iruka, asking him out for ramen. Iruka is trying to cook his own dinner, without much success. Naruto wants to have fun in his last days as a single man, and Iruka scolds him for it. Naruto wants to go out with him to tell him something. Iruka wonders why he struggled so much with his message. Naruto asks Iruka to attend the ceremony as his father, moving him. Iruka accepts. Iruka and Hinata talk about Naruto's request. Iruka records another message with Konohamaru, finally getting it right. The guests arrive for the reception and mingle. Hinata looks up to the sky thinking of Neji, while Naruto is looking at his father's face at the Hokage Rock. Hanabi and Hiashi inform them that the ceremony is about to begin, and while Hanabi comments on her sister's beautiful appearance, Hiashi is overwhelmed with emotion about his daughter getting married. Hinata holds Naruto's hand, who then asks if she is ready, and the two prepare to get married.