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|image=Kisame breaks free.png
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|english=The Man Named Kisame
|english=The Man Named Kisame

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The Man Named Kisame
Kisame breaks free
(鬼鮫という男, Kisame to Iu Otoko)
Episode data
Previous Battle in Paradise! Odd Beast vs. The Monster!
Episode Naruto: Shippūden #251 (Watch Online)
Next The Angelic Herald of Death
Arc Confining the Jinchūriki Arc
Manga Chapter #507, Chapter #508
Japanese February 23, 2012
MiruFuguki Suikazan
Wood Release: Stocks
None in this Episode

The Man Named Kisame (鬼鮫という男, Kisame to Iu Otoko) is episode 251 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


The after-effects of Guy's Daytime Tiger are felt throughout the island. Kisame is defeated, and Guy explains his technique. Yamato restrains him so Aoba can gather intel. When he's about to learn Tobi's identity, Kisame forces himself awake by biting off his own tongue. Kisame breaks free of his restraints and creates a water dome around himself. He recalls Itachi's words about learning what kind of person one is when they die. Knowing he's too weak to resist, and to prevent his enemies from gathering intel, Kisame summons sharks and allows himself to be eaten. The others are impressed by Kisame's resolution. When they open the scroll Kisame intended to deliver, it turns out to be a trap, leaving them stuck inside water prisons, while a summoned shark takes the scroll with the intel away.

Facts about The Man Named KisameRDF feed
AnimeNaruto: Shippuden +
ArcConfining the Jinchūriki Arc +
English nameThe Man Named Kisame +
Episode number251 +
Japanese airdate23 February 2012 +
Kanji name鬼鮫という男 +
Manga Chapter507 + and 508 +
NameThe Man Named Kisame +
NamesThe Man Named Kisame +, 鬼鮫という男 + and Kisame to Iu Otoko +
PictureKisame breaks free +
Romaji nameKisame to Iu Otoko +

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