The Leaf's Handsome Devil!

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"The Leaf's Handsome Devil!"
File:Leaf Whirlwind.jpg
(木ノ葉の碧き野獣見参!, Konoha no aoki yajū kenzan!)
Episode data
Previous "Fakeout: Shikamaru's Comeback!"
Episode Naruto #123
Next "The Beast Within"
Arc Sasuke Retrieval Arc
Manga Naruto Chapter #209, Naruto Chapter #210
Japanese February 23, 2005
English December 15, 2007
Drunken FistLeaf Great Whirlwind
None in this Episode
None in this Episode
"The Leaf's Handsome Devil!" (木ノ葉の碧き野獣見参!, Konoha no aoki yajū kenzan!) is episode 123 of the original Naruto anime.

The Leaf's Handsome Devil! (木ノ葉の碧き野獣見参!, Konoha no aoki yajū kenzan!) is episode 123 of the original Naruto anime.


As Naruto starts getting frustrated with his lack of progress, Sasuke's cursed seal finally reaches it second level, allowing him to exit his coffin and go on ahead. Kimimaro prevents Naruto from going after him, though the arrival of the newly recovered Rock Lee forces him to let Naruto go. Lee and Kimimaro begin exchanging blows, though Kimimaro's unique control over his bones makes things difficult for Lee. Soon after the fight begins, Lee asks for a timeout so that he can take his medicine. Kimimaro agrees, and Lee drinks the contents of his medicine bottle. Because Lee grabbed sake instead of medicine when he set out to help the retrieval team, Lee is immediately intoxicated, and attacks Kimimaro in a drunken frenzy.

Facts about "The Leaf's Handsome Devil!"RDF feed
AnimeNaruto: Original +
ArcSasuke Retrieval Arc +
English airdate15 December 2007 +
English nameThe Leaf's Handsome Devil! +
Episode number123 +
Japanese airdate23 February 2005 +
Kanji name木ノ葉の碧き野獣見参! +
MangaNaruto +
Manga Chapter209 + and 210 +
NameThe Leaf's Handsome Devil! +
NamesThe Leaf's Handsome Devil! +, The Leaf's Handsome Devil! +, 木ノ葉の碧き野獣見参! + and Konoha no aoki yajū kenzan! +
PictureFile:Leaf Whirlwind.jpg +
Romaji nameKonoha no aoki yajū kenzan! +

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