edit"The Kazekage's Wedding Gift"
Gaara Thinking
(風影の御祝, Kazekage no Oiwai)
Episode data
Previous "Steam and Food Pills"
Episode Naruto: Shippūden #497 (Watch Online)
Next "The Last Mission"
Arc Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding (Arc)
Opening "Empty Heart"
Ending "Absolutely (song)"
Japanese March 2, 2017
"The Kazekage's Wedding Gift" (風影の御祝, Kazekage no Oiwai) is episode 497 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.


Gaara, Temari, and Kankurō arrive at Konoha, where they're greeted by Kakashi and Shizune. Kakashi confirms the arrival of other Kage, with the Mizukage still to arrive due to bad weather. Ōnoki asks Kakashi about Naruto's wedding, intending to give him a gift on Iwa's behalf. A also intends to send a gift on Kumo's behalf. Gaara learns of Naruto's wedding. Later, Kankurō asks Temari why they didn't know of that, considering she just visited Konoha. Temari angrily says she forgot, scaring Kankurō. Kankurō suggests something extravagant. Lee and Tenten arrive, on duty to show them around the village. Gaara asks to see places Naruto likes. Temari wants to stay in, and avoiding running into Shikamaru. At Ramen Ichiraku, Ayame notices Iruka has been coming there a lot lately. Teuchi notices that shinobi through the village are all trying to figure out what to give Naruto, and despite not being a shinobi, he also has come up with a gift, a free ramen pass. However, they don't know for how long the pass be worth, worried about Naruto going through all their ramen. Gaara asks Lee if he's gotten Naruto a gift already, which Lee confirms. Gaara ponders this is the first time he's had to give a wedding gift. Tenten is apprehensive when Lee begins getting overactive over telling Gaara about his gift and how he decided on it. Lee and Tenten take Gaara and Kankurō to Ramen Ichiraku, where they meet Iruka. They further discuss what to give Naruto, and have ramen. Killer B runs into the four, and is also giving Naruto a gift. Killer B mentions a dance number, and Kankurō feels Gaara should also perform. When A learns of B saying he'll dance, he almost makes a scene, but when the Mizukage misunderstands B about wedding, she intimidates him. The Five Kage meet, and Kakashi asks them to exercise moderation in their gifts. Temari runs into Shikamaru, the two apologise for their misunderstanding last time, and go out to eat together. Ino and Chōji spy on their date. Gaara goes to dine at Ramen Ichiraku, and Iruka apologises for putting pressure on him to give an extravagant gift. When Iruka says he's happy Naruto has made so many friends, Gaara is inspired to give him a gift not as Kazekage, but as his friend. As Ayame locks up, Teuchi decides to make Naruto's free pass lifelong. Kakashi, Lee and Tenten say good-bye to Gaara, Kankurō and Temari. Gaara intends to come back for Naruto's wedding, Kankurō is sad he won't see Gaara dance, and they notice Temari is in a much better mood. They realise they can still see Gaara dance as Naruto's friend.