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|top={{Looking for|volume 48 of the [[Naruto Series|Naruto manga]]|chapter 450|The Joyous Village!! (chapter)|The Joyous Village!!}}
|top={{Looking for|volume 48 of the manga|chapter 450|The Joyous Village!!}}
|image=Kanko no sato!!.PNG:200px
|english=The Joyous Village!!
|english=The Joyous Village!!
|romaji=Kanko no Sato!!
|romaji=Kanko no Sato!!
|japanese release=November 4, 2009
|japanese release=November 4, 2009
|japanese isbn=978-4-08-874748-4
|japanese isbn=978-4-08-874748-4

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This is the article on volume 48 of the manga. If you are looking for the article on chapter 450, head to The Joyous Village!!.
The Joyous Village!!
(歓呼の里!!, Kanko no Sato!!)
Volume Info
Previous The Seal Destroyed!!
Volume 48 (Read Online)
Next The Five Kage Summit, Commences…!!
Release Date
Japanese November 4, 2009 ISBN (978-4-08-874748-4) Icon - Search
English June 1, 2010 ISBN (978-1-4215-3474-9) Icon - Search
FusōIseChibiKyūsukeDangōFire DaimyōTakajō Torikai
Will MaterialisationFire Release: Exploding Flame FormationSummoning: Demonic Statue of the Outer PathOuter Path — Samsara of Heavenly Life TechniqueOuter PathWood Release: Serial Pillar Houses TechniqueCursed Tongue Eradication Technique

The Joyous Village!! (歓呼の里!!, Kanko no Sato!!) is volume 48 of the Naruto manga.

Chapter 443

"Meeting!!" (対面!!, Taimen!!)


Chapter 444

"The Answer" (答, Kotae)

The Answer

Chapter 445

"Top of the World" (世界の天辺, Sekai no Teppen)

Top of the World

Chapter 446

"I Just Want to Protect Those Two" (ただ二人を守もりたい, Tada Futari o Mamoritai)

I Just Want to Protect Those Two

Chapter 447

"Believing" (信じる, Shinjiru)


Chapter 448

"Memento…!!" (形見…!!, Katami…!!)


Chapter 449

"Flowers of Hope" (希望の花, Kibō no Hana)

Flowers of Hope

Chapter 450

"The Joyous Village!!" (歓呼の里!!, Kanko no Sato!!)

The Joyous Village!!

Chapter 451

"Dealing with Sasuke!!" (サスケの処分!!, Sasuke no Shobun!!)

Dealing with Sasuke!!

Chapter 452

"Under Pressure from Danzō!!" (ダンゾウに迫る!!, Danzō ni Semaru!!)

Under Pressure from Danzō!!

Chapter 453

"The Eve of the Five Kage Summit…!!" (五影会談前夜…!!, Gokage Kaidan Zenya…!!)

The Eve of the Five Kage Summit…!!

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