edit"The Iron Sand User: Shinki"
The Iron Sand User Shinki
(砂鉄使い・シンキ, Satetsu Tsukai: Shinki)
Episode data
Previous "The Hidden Leaf vs. The Hidden Sand"
Episode Boruto #61 (Watch Online)
Next "The Ōtsutsuki Invasion"
Arc Chūnin Exams Arc
Manga Boruto Chapter #4, Boruto Chapter #5
Japanese June 7, 2018
"The Iron Sand User: Shinki" (砂鉄使い・シンキ, Satetsu Tsukai: Shinki) is episode 61 of the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime.


The final match, between Boruto, Sarada, and Shinki begins. Shinki immediately attacks both Boruto and Sarada. Kurotsuchi, Darui, and Chōjūrō discuss whether that is recklessness or a sign of confidence. Sarada proposes joining forces with Boruto to defeat Shinki, both as payback for Mitsuki and because she doesn't want the Five Kage to see two Konoha shinobi losing in their home. Boruto has his clones attack with explosive tags and Sarada uses Fire Release against Shinki, but he protects himself with his Iron Sand. Naruto comments a similarity to Gaara's jutsu. Shinki uses the same iron fists he used to protect himself to attack, destroying Boruto's clones. Sarada observes Shinki's jutsu with her Sharingan, determining how he controls it. They consider using Lightning Release to disrupt his control, but need a stronger jutsu than what Mitsuki used. They combine their Lightning Release jutsu, and while Shinki approves of their idea, he blocks the attack with a single fist, then grabs Boruto and Sarada. Shinki boasts about his power, angering Boruto. In response, he uses a clone to loosen the grip on Sarada, allowing her to launch an attack while both of Shinki's fists are occupied. He releases them to protect himself. Shinki creates wings with the Iron Sand, surprising Gaara. He targets Sarada, and while she dodges his initial onslaught, his constructs track her because of the mark he placed on her. Sarada charges Shinki, but his attack incapacitates, eliminating her from the match. Shinki angers Boruto by trash talking about his defeated friends. Boruto propels himself towards Shinki with a Lightning Release in hand, but is unable to break through the Iron Sand until he uses Lightning Release: Purple Electricity from the Kote, defeating Shinki. Naruto deduces Boruto's use of a Scientific Ninja Tool, and exposes its use, disqualifying him. Naruto says they'll talk later, but Boruto calls him out on never having time to talk to him. Katasuke steps in and begins advertising the Kote. Naruto detects Momoshiki and Kinshiki's ill intent, and spots them flying above the arena.